Dec 22, 2010

Day Ten: One confession.



Dec 20, 2010

Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.




Dec 19, 2010

Day Eight: Three turn ons.

~no more tears~

~she always being positive eventhough i know the things which is very negative~

~being more productive~

Dec 18, 2010



Seriously,setakat nie x de la fikir mcm tu.Dulu ade la rncangkn.Tapi since break up,x penah nk think bout that.Then,td kt my father's cousin wedding reception,i met my former secondary school teacher.Then she asked me
''bila pula kamu nak kahwin"

Seriously,i think i am still young to think about that.Futhermore,i dont even has any candidate(ceh mcm exam pla..)

Now,I dont want to think about having someone special.My target is healing the scar of the broken heart.

Anyway,aku nak kahwin lambat lagi ya.Muda lagi nie.Hmm.Lagipun jodoh belum sampai lagi.Tunggu la nanti bila da ada jodoh.

Day Seven: Four turn offs.

  1. I would like to stop loving him.That's enough for me.I am in the process of healing the scar.
  2. I would like to reduce my weight.I need a new me.
  3. I would like to stop thinking about him.Let's enjoy...
  4. I would like to stop being a dramatic person..

Dec 17, 2010

Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)

p/s actually all people that came into my life is very special....

Dec 16, 2010

Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.

  1. I wish i never met him because he taught me about love.The most important thing is i never forget the way he love me.Now we are Bestfriend.Till death do us apart.
  2. I wish i never moves to SMKDOB.It is because i am unable to learn Arabic.On the other hand, i will never regret my schoolday because i learnt lots of thing at SMKDOB.So,it is fair and square.:)
  3. I wish i never eat a lot.It is because i was put on weight.
  4. I wish i never yell and being misunderstanding.But its too late to regret my day.He's gone.(Mmg pun sbab bkan jodoh aku..)
  5. I wish i never buy that cage.Betty doesnt has its freedom.
  6. I wish i never DO SOMETHING WRONG.but i cant because i am not perfect.Allah please guide,I need Your guidance.

Dec 15, 2010

Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

  1. BETTY-my new cat.I dont really know how to handle it...
  2. TENSES-I am having a confuse disorder.Mdm Yong n Mdm me...!!!
  3. SHOPPING-Where to go for tomorrow.
  4. FRIENDS-I miss all my friends.
  5. PHOTOSHOP-I need to improve my skill..
  6. BEACH-I wanna go to the beach every morning.
  7. HIM-what is he doing right now...

Dec 14, 2010

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.

  1. Loyal- I hate watch out.Always be loyal to me.I guarantee that we will be friend's forever..
  2. Do shopping with me-I love shopping or hang out.So let's do it together.
  3. Time-Give me time.Sometimes i need to spend my day alone.So,just leave me alone.I will be OK after a while.
  4. Busybody-I hate someone that too busybody .I hate people when they are trying to interfere with my personal thing.
  5. Chocolate-Do give me a chocolate whenever i am in a bad mood. Its like a magic spell.It will change my mood immediately.As Hlovate could say that chocolate as a comfort food.
  6. Book-Enough to give a book on my birthday.I dont deserve the expensive present,just give me a book to win my heart.
  7. DonT argue-Just say yes to whatever i had said. I hate argument.
  8. Forget me not-Dont forget me in ur prayers.Always remember me in ur prayers.
p/s Im just a simple person.

Dec 13, 2010

Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

  1. BookWorm- I love reading especially about the war.It is because if we did not learn about history we will repeat it.
  2. Sleeping Beauty- I love to sleep.I can sleep 24/7.Thats not my problem at all.As for me the beauty sleep is very important.
  3. Driving-I can release my stress by driving to the town.As for me, It is a way of unwind.
  4. Choosy-I think so because i wants everything in a very good condition.
  5. Shopaholic-Kinda a shopaholic girls.I love to buy something that unique.The most important things that i love to do online shopping to buy a new book.
  6. Hot-tempered- Sometimes i can be hot-temper person.Especially when someone disturb or spoilt my stuff. 
  7. Kind-Everyone have their own kindness.And i believe that i also has my own kindness.
  8. Family Type-Family comes first.I am a family type person.I will consider my family point of view first in order to make my decision.
  9. Antisoc- I dont really like the crowd.I love to stay in my room and do my reading or meditate.
p/s Whatever happen in future,i still who i am in past.

Dec 12, 2010

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

1. Kakak luv both of u. Syg sgt2.Thank 4 everything. Thanks for being the greatest mom n dad.

2.My dear great granpa.Thanks for the time that u had spend to fetch me during my primary school time.Luv u sgt2 lah.

3.Dear him-always been there.wherever am i,up and down,you are alway beside me. You are my best friend.Thanks for being my shoulder,my tissue,my music and hear all my rant.luv u 4eva*as a friend jela ye*..

4.Dear roomate-thanks 4 being my roomate..sorry cuz i am too'cerewet i think'.sorry byk2.neway thanks 4 being the coolest roomate.luv u so much ya..:)friendship 4 eva. neighbour..Thanks for being my neighbour aka my coursemate aka my besties.thanks for being there when i am in sorrow.Sorry if i am too 'cerewet'.syg kamu juga ye..
friendship 4 eva.
6.My bestfriend...igt x ms kita mula-mula knl.Beskan..mmg kbtulan smuanya..thnks for always being everything...syg kamu smpai bila-bila.friendship 4 eva.
7.aso my bestfriend..hehe..thanks 4 always been there bila aku gduh ngn man smpai la aku break ngn mamat tu..thanks sesangat...luv u..friend 4 eva ya..

8.all my Tesl family..LUV u all for always being the best companion in wutever activity..

9.Org yg telah tag sy..terima kerana igt sy.Thank you so much dear..syg kamu juga ya...moga dpt jodoh yg terbaik..hik..hik...hik..(jgn mrh)

10.Mira nabilla-u are my bestfriends forever....syg kamu sgt2

p/s saya syg kamu semua ya..

Dec 10, 2010

tag dari atul yang chumel~~ (Challenge Your Self in 10 Days)

Day One: Ten things you want to say
to ten different people right now.

Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.

Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a


Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never


Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no

 order whatsoever)

Day Seven: Four turn offs.

Day Eight: Three turn ons.

Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life

 right now.

Day Ten: One confession.

p/s sorry baru nak buat..lately agak bz..

Nov 10, 2010

My plan..

  • Part Time Job

  • Learn how to cook

  • Shopping

  • Travelling

  • Extra Class

Nov 1, 2010


              Buat Exam baik2 ya.Kamu Harapan keluarga.Esok buat btul2.

             Mcamna exam???Alhamdulillah la blh jwb.Esok buat sehabis baik lagi ya. Sorry x blh nak borak pnjang, saya tgh penat.Rasa macam x blh nyawa. Do the best ya.

                   Tak tahu apa yang bakal dia psan.Harap dia sihat. Jangan la dia sakit.Dialah sumber inspirasi saya.

p/s:Thanks sebab selalu bersama saya.Kita Kwn smpai mati ya..

Jika Kau Fikirkan Kau Boleh...

Fikirkan Boleh 
Jika kau fikirkan kau boleh
Kau hampir boleh melakukan
Jika kau fikirkan ragu-ragu
Usahamu tidak menentu

Jika kau fikirkan kekalahan
Kau hampiri kegagalan
Jika kau fikirkan kemenangan
Kau hampiri kejayaan

Engkaulah apa kau fikirkan
Terkandung dalam pemikiran
Kau fikir boleh melakukan
Fikirkan boleh

Percaya apa kau lakukan
Tabah apa kau usahakan
Bertindak atas kemampuan
Engkau boleh

p/s  Best wishes to me....May Allah bless me...Semoga aku dapat lakukannya dengan terbaik...InsyaAllah...

Oct 31, 2010

Ya Allah Permudahkanlah urusan kami..

Ya Allah Ya Tuhan Kami,
                                Permudahkanlah urusan kami dalam menghadapi peperiksaan ini.
                                Lapangkanlah dada kami.
                                Berikanlah kejayaan kepada kami.
Ya Allah Ya Tuhan Kami,
                                Yg Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang.
                                 Berikanlah kelapangan bagi kami menjawab soalan peperiksaan.
                                 Hanya dengan limpah dan kurniamu kami akan berjaya.
Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin......

  • Sabda nabi ' Barangsiapa membaca surah Alam Nasyrah seperti ia mendatangi aku dan aku mengambil kesempatan maka menjadi satu kelapangan daripadanya.
  • Barangsiapa biasa membaca surah Alam Nasyrah selesai mengerjakan solat fardu, nescaya Allah mempermudahkan urusannya serta dimudahkan segala keperluannya dan dimudahkan rezekinya.
  • Sesiapa yang membaca surah ini nescaya Allah turut melapangkan dadanya serta dijauhkan daripadanya segala kesukaran dalam segala urusan. Dihilangkan segala sifat kesal, jemu serta mendatangkan rajin dalam mengerjakan ibadat.
  • Barang siapa membaca surah ini 9 kali sesudah solat fardu nescaya Allah akan menjauhkan daripadanya kesempitan hidup dan dimudahkan rezeki dalam segala urusan.

Oct 26, 2010


Janganlah terlalu mengharap..Mungkin aku bukan jodohmu..Aku selalu sangat ditemukan dengan orang yang salah. Mungkin Allah hanya ingin menguji tahap keimananku. Aku percaya yang suatu hari nanti aku bertemu jua dengan Mr. Right.. Amin...Moga Mr.Right itu dapat membimbing aku dan jika dia muallaf semoga dia mendapat rahmat dan hidayah dari Allah.

p/s Jodoh pertemuan itu ditangan Allah.

Oct 23, 2010

Saya rindu dia....

Oct 21, 2010

Bila Aku Sudah Tiada...

Hujan - Bila Aku Sudah Tiada

Bila, aku sudah tiada
Simpan semua lagu ku
Jangan di tangis selalu

Mungkin, itu sementara
Bila jumpa pengganti ku
jangan di lupakan aku

Pagi itu indah seperti biasa
Tidur yang lena terhenti di sana
Layap kuyu masih tak terdaya
Bukalah tingkap mu
Curahkan cahaya…

Siapa yang sangka
Bila tiba masa kita
Untuk pergi selamanya
Takkan terduga
Jika saat ni
Tuhan tentukan
Aku lah orangnya

Gelak tawa tangisan yang hiba
Kenangan kita masa di dunia
Alangkah indahnya jika
Kita mampu hidup selamanya…

Jika aku sudah tiada...
Tolong sampaikan kepada mereka yang aku sayangkn mereka...
Jika aku sudah tiada...
Tolong sampaikan kepada dia aku tetap sayang dia hingga saat-saat akhirku...
Jika aku sudah tiada...
Maafkan aku, aku amat syg org disekelilingku...
Jika aku sudah tiada...
Tlglah bagi tahu dia,biarlah dia dtg tgk aku buat kali terakhir...
Jika aku sudah tiada...
Jilidkanlah diary ku...
Jika aku sudah tiada...
Beritahu dia yang dia adalah CINTA PERTAMAKU
Dan jika aku sudah tiada...
Beritahulah kepada seluruh dunia yang aku amat sayangkan keluargaku....

p/s: Mama,Abah,nek yan,nek wan,tok ah,fara,farhan n cudah n semua family dan rakan-rakan....saya syg sgt kamu semua...

Oct 20, 2010

Mana Mr. Cinderella ku??

Where is my Mr Cinderella.....????
Dear Mr Cinderella,

                  x pasti pun bila kamu akan muncul tp saya yakin suatu hari nanti kamu akan muncul juga. Your shoes suit perfectly...lalala....Hope we will meet one fine day...

                          Saya x minta pape dari my Mr Cinderella tp sy just minta dia syg sy sebagaimana 'Man' syg sy. Itu bkn exaggeratekn. Just a normal wishlist. Anyone can fulfill that wish because it is too common and doesnt need anything to fulfill.

                         Kamu si Mr Cinderella, i believe that kita da tertukar kasut. So i needs to return back to you. I hope that we will meet one fine day. I dont even want to keep your shoes. Hmm..its stinks..Gosh.. i can stand wit that smell but i have tried it and was suited perfectly on my feet.

                         Mr Cinderella, saya tahu yang kamu takkan bertukar jadi Mr Darcy tp sy still nk meet kamu because sy nk meet kamu la. One thing i want you to know that i dreamt of you because i still have your shoes. Please take it back. It was nightmare when dreamt of you.

                       Mr Cinderella, could u please fufil my wish. Please be my Mr Darcy just for today. Please...Please.... Mr Darcy- he is the hero that every woman dreamt of. He is romantic, handsome, kind and etc... Please come here as Mr Darcy.

                  Last wish to my Mr Cinderella. Please take back your shoes. I dont owe your shoes, i just owe your heart..uhuk...uhuk..uhuk..

P/s: i am talking crap again.. i am bored + sleep..sorry but for real i still wish  my Mr Cinderella to propose me. I dont want Mr Darcy because there is no Mr Darcy in this world. It was just in Pride and Prejudice...

Oct 18, 2010

Kalau saya jadi anak gajah....Roomate saya akan..........................

Kalau saya jadi anak gajah yang cute, roomate saya akan....

  1. Hari-hari dia akan belikan pisang,epal dan segala buah-buahan segar bagi sy makan. And finally saya akan jadi anak gajah yang sihat.
  2. Roomate saya akan belikan baju yg xxxxxl size. Tapi cian dia cuz ssah nak cari saiz bj tu.
  3. Roomate saya akan jaga saya bagai menatang minyak yang penuh sebab saya da bertukar jadi 'elephant yang cute'
  4. Dan sy juga harap yg roomate saya akan sediakan katil dan kerusi yg sesuai dengan saiz sy.
  5. Finally,jangan risau my dear roomate.klu saya jadi anak gajah saya x kn ganas2. Saya akan jadi cute2 je dan tak akan menyusahkan awak.

p/s It is imposibble. i will never be a cute elephant.jangan rsau...klu saya jd anak gajah mesti x de org nak saya...

Oct 17, 2010

10 Things i hate about you...

1. Saya cukup x suka bila awak manja dgn sy..huhu...nt kalau awak mnja2 dgn sy, sy manja dgn biar la sy je yg manja dengan awak.

2.I hate you when you said that "awak mmg mcm ex sy..."

3.Saya tak suka bila awak x pndai martial art..huhu..nanti x de org nak protect sy...i want my hero...

4.I hate when you said you are ok.i know that you are not ok.

5.I hate you when you said that i am the one. It is because i will never be yours forever..

6.I hate you when someone called you and both of u are texting after that.

7. I hate you bila kamu ttba tersasul nama awek lama kamu. huhu..menanah kat dalam tu.

8. I hate you bila kamu tinggikan suara kepada saya. Rasa macam nk nangis jer. Sampai hati buat macm tu ya.

9. I hate you when you called me 'syg' but you dont really mean it.

10. I hate you bila kamu kata saya cute sbb sy tahu sy x se'cute' dia..

p/s walaupun saya hate kamu tapi jauh disudut hati saya ttp syg kamu..

Sep 22, 2010

My little angel..

Dear diary,
                 Dia ke Hospital Metro semalam ditemani kedua ibubapanya. Sedang orang lain bergegas ke sekolah,dia terpaksa ke hospital. Sedang orang lain bersiap-sedia untuk menghadapi Trial Exam. Dia masih menanti keputusan di bangku hospital. Keputusan dari doktor amat mengecewakan. Tambahan pula, tiada pakar darah. Oleh itu, penyakit sebenar tidak dapat didiagnose. Ibubapanya hanya menanti dengan penuh sabar.Selepas di buat 'check up', doktor mendapati hatinya bengkak. According to the knowledge from the net, i found that it is simptom of kanser tulang and luekimia.Ya Allah..berikanlah kekuatan.Moga-moga segala andaian itu tidak benar sama sekali. Aku percaya dia baik-baik sahaja.
Selepas itu, doktor 'mereferkan' kes dia ke Hospital Lam Wah Ee kerana di Hospital Metro tiada pakar darah.Aku percaya dia baik-baik sahaja. Aku syg dia.Aku bukannya kakak yang baik buat dia.

           Hari ini hari selasa, dia ke Hospital Lam Wah Ee. Mama dan Abah masih setia bersama dia. Aku sedikit terkilan kerana aku masih disini. Aku x dapat bersama dia di sana. Setelah diperiksa, doktor mengatakan terdapat lebihan sel darah putih. Aku menbaca internet lagi. Itu tanda-tanda luekimia. Abah cakap bukan luekimia tapi talasemia. huhu..jgn la nak sedapkan hati aku. Aku bukan lagi kanak-kanak untuk ditipu. I am big enough to know the truth. Tolong la..huhu.. Tapi dr di hospital ini juga tidak dapat beri kata putus. Dia terpaksa bermalam di hospital ditemani mama dan abah. Mujur mama dan abah ada.Esok dia akan ke hospital kerajaan. Aku hairan kenapa hospital private cakap x blh nk bg kata putus. Kenapa perlu 'direfer' ke hospital kerajaan.Tapi tak pe,asalkan dia sihat seperti selalu sudah. Ya Allah selamatkanlah dia. Dia sihatkan Ya Allah. Dia x sakit. Aku tahu dia sihat. Aku belum puas bersamanya. Berilah aku peluang yang lagi lama untuk buktikan yang akulah kakak terbaik dan aku amat sayangkn dia. Tolonglah Ya Allah.

p/s selagi belum da kata putus dan keputusan on paper aku akan tetap kata dia sihat. Dia x sakit.Aku Tak mahu dia sakit..Aku sayang dia..

Sep 21, 2010

Allah..please save my little angel...

       i hope you always in the pink of health but i knew the truth. I care much about you. I knew that you dont deserve that. But everything was put under ur fate. I was pray that there was nothing about ur health. I hope that the result is lying. I want to see the final result. i will do anything in case you need my help. I will be the donor for you. Dont worry about anything because Allah and your family always by ur side.
      Dont worry too much.. We care about you. Everyone loves you. Please follow the healthy diet. You will recover soon. kakak syg kamu more than what you know. You dont deserves that. Now, i cant wait to go back this week. Miss you and i want to see you.

p/s please GWS..kakak syg kamu...

There's No More..

Fell in love with you was my biggest mistake but sorry i cant denied that I LOVE YOU  the day before and stopped on the day you told me that we are just friends.I believe that you will found the true love with your future fiance. Moreover, you will get blessing because she was chosen by your mother. I am always happy for everything that happen between us. I had enough experiences and i still have a long journey. My journey will stop when the time i closed my eyes forever. Thank you for being there even just for a short time. You just leave a footprint. It just like leaving a footprint on the sand of the beach.It will erase as soon as the wave comes.Bye Bye dear. It is now the time for me to moves on. No more Boys. Now girls rules,boys drool...

 It is now the time to think and focus on the final examination.It is around the corner. I need to struggle because my journey start from this path. Please Dont Meet MR.FAILURE...

P/S: Shoot for the sun. Because it helps to light up ur lives. Dont shoot for moon because it will makes you being a negligent by it brightness and beautifulness..

Sep 18, 2010

Kamukah itu.....

Kenapa sampai jadi macam pun nk jd mcm kamu....kamu da kurus skarg...jgn kata kamu sakit sudah ye....terima kasih untuk semalam....  dOnt worry Sy X nanGis pun..

Sep 6, 2010

X tahu nak kata ape....

Ape yang aku rasa???

  1. LOST




Sep 3, 2010


The End Of Drama(Sad ending)
p/s better dont watch

Tiba-tiba aku rasa aku sangat letih + penat fikirkan ttg kamu lagi... Sumpah aku letih sangat ni. Mungkin ini peluang yang terbaik buat orang lain. Aku tak mampu lagi fikirkan tentang kamu. Aku memang terlalu penat. Hati aku lagi la letih nak bekerja keras mengingati kamu setiap detik. Bukankah itu lagha. Aku sedar tapi aku buat juga sebab aku rasa kamu memang untukku. Tapi saat ini situasi berubah aku letih sangat fikirkan tentang kamu. Betul tak tipu. kalau tak percaya tanya la hati aku , confirm dia jawab ya. Kini aku x mampu nak sabarkan hati aku lagi. Dia da memberontak sebab terlalu letih mengigati kamu.

Kesabaran pun ade batasnya...aku da x mampu bersabar...

Kamu mmg bukan tercipta untukku sebab itu aku amat letih mengingati kamu. MULAI SAAT INI AKU AKAN BERHENTI MENGINGATI KAMU. Kamu hanyalah masa lalu aku. Kamu hanyalah bayang-bayang. Kamu pun swear dengan aku 'jgn ingat aku lagi'. Tak kesian kat aku ke.Kamu nk aku jadi mcam gambar bawah nie ke..X nk kan??kata sayang ku. Kalau syg aku berhenti la ingat aku.Parah aku kalau kamu sentiasa ingat aku...

x nak aku jadi macm ni kn??? so stop ingat aku ya..aku jnji x igt kamu lgi....
Aku da stop tgu kamu.Aku bkakn pintu hati ini luas2 buat org lain. Aku juga da celik kembali. X nak lgi tutup. Aku buka buat insan yg mmg tercipta untukku. Aku terlalu letih dengan semua hope yang bakal jadi mimpi yang x sudah. Aku menanti pada New hope. Percayalah yang kamu bukan lagi untukku. Aku da berjaya terima hakikat.Aku janji yang pertemuan kita pada 5 Sept ini adsalah pengakhiran bagi segala-galanya. Aku terlalu letih pada benda yang x pasti ini. Aku mahukan kepastian dan aku juga percaya yang andai lautan api kita redah.Aku x mungkin dapat restu dari keluarga ku untuk bersama kamu. Biarlah persahabatan kita terkubur di sebuah pusara suci. Aku da penat ingat kamu. Biar kita terpisah dan jangan jumpa-jumpa lagi. Ahad nie biarlah jadi sejarah. Kita mula dengan cara baik dan kita dengan secara rasminya berakhir dengan cara baik.Aku tak mau ingat kamu lagi.Pergilah dari hidupku dan lepaskanlah aku. Aku da x mampu bertahan lagi... Aku terlalu penat.
tired sgt..please!!

Ahad ni prepare hati kamu ya. Aku x mahu tengok kamu kecewa. Aku mahu kamu gembira. Kamu sayang akukn. So, tunjukkan kegembiraan terakhir kamu ya. Kita tidak ditakdirkan bersama. Aku pasti kamu akan bertemu perempuan yang sebaik kamu.kamu jangan risau pasal aku lagi. Biarlah masa yang menentukan. Nanti aku hntar kad kahwin aku je ke Kem Penrissen tu..hehehe..
Biarlah masa menetukannya

Finally, aku berjaya terima hakikat yang kamu mmg bukan untukku. TERIMA KASIH HATI SEBAB LETIH MENGINGATIMU...(*_*). Sekarang aku menanti pada seseorang yang mungkin bakal menggantikan tempat kamu.. x nak la pakai term ganti tapi nak pkai term menanti pada yang sayang aku....hehehe.....Aku tak pasti bila...mungkin 5 thun lgi mungkin 10 thun lagi n mungkin juga esok..siapa tahukan..hehehe...

p/s Coretlah dari hati sebab ia betul-betul ikhlas...Gadis pantai da bertukar jd sentimental dan jiwang...

Aug 30, 2010

Kamu..Kamu..dan Kamu...

      Thanks for the sweetest memory that you had leave. I never forget eventhough it almost a year we are separated. Tomorrow you will be arriving at LCCT. Everything still the same. I am still the same girl that waited at the arriving gates. I am still the same girl that you knew for the last 4 years. I am still the same. But we are no longer 'Syg Syg'. We are just a bestfriends. It was came back to the basic. It came back to the first day i met you. We are bestfriend.

     You come back with a hope but i am waiting with despair. Sumpah saya da blh lupakan segala-gala tentang kamu. Tapi saya tetap tgu kamu sebab kamukan kita kata 'kita bestfriend selama-lamanya'. Saya tgu kamu pun sebab saya mahu kek lapis Sarawak. Tahun lepas punya, perisa dia x sdap laa.Saya tunggu je cheese flavour tu. Jangan awak silap beli sudah la.

    Tomorrow will comes. Saya x tahu macamana nak react. Gembirakah saya???Sedihkah saya??? Saya selalu berdoa agar bila awak sampai esok ada seseorang di sisi awk. Dan awak kenalkan itu adalah bakal tunang awak. Saya harap sangat macam tu. Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky like shooting star.I could Really used a wish right now.

   Am i being too lunatic. I don't think so. Tomorrow is different. saya bukan lagi 'syg' kamu yang dulu dan kamu bukan lagi 'syg' saya yang dulu. Back to basic ya tp saya nak bagitahu yang saya x nak lagi awak hold future sya. I am a big girl now. Jangan risau2 lagi ya. I can take care of myself. Saya da belajar silat, so saya da x perlukan awak sebagai weapon saya. Saya da boleh hidup sendiri. Awk jaga dia baik-baik(kalau ada la). Saya janji saya akan jaga diri saya baik.

  Tapi satu ja saya nak awak buat. Doakan saya supaya saya dapat lelaki sebaik awak.. Doakan saya sy ya. Doakan agar dia boleh jaga saya dengan baik. Dan dia boleh sayang saya, macam awak sayang saya dulu... Dan doakan supaya saya x terluka lagi..

p/s Kamu adalah masa lalu saya.. Saya sedang mengintai masa depan sy. Doakan saya ya..

Aug 28, 2010

Kegilaan Raya ~Episod 1~

Sesi mene'Try ' baju di SOGO....Si gadis kebaya bergandingan dengan Princess Victoria aka Princess rocky...
Mmg momentum yang sgt gila coz one fitting room fix with 3 ladies....mmg bes la....We  are the three beauties..hahaha...ratu kebaya bersama gadis pantai..terbaeklah..:D

Si gadis Pantai bersama kegilaannya....Skirt denim aka cardigan..:)...
    1st preparation of Eidul Fitri....It is very crowded..There are a lot of lunatic people like me at Jln TAR because there are too cheap..:D..It is because today is Saturday. everyone spending their weekend by going to TAR..I bought 10 shawls which is cost rm 5 - rm 35..It is very affordable...Memang x semapt kalau pegi sekejap sahaja.Mmg kn spend one day for shopping at JLN TAR. if tidak,mmg la x smpat...Today just warming up...minggu depan nk pegi dgn my beloved roomate pla la...
p/s see in the 2nd episode....

Aug 25, 2010

Aku Hanyalah Bakal Seorang Pendidik

 Pendidik adalah seorang yang akan membentuk sesebuah generasi itu supayalebih bertamadun.

Persoalannya mampukah aku menjadi bakal pendidik yang

Mampukah aku berjuang di IPTEKNIK ini???

Mampukah aku???

Aku hanya mampu berusaha dan berusaha dan berdoa dan bertawakal. Jawapannya hanyalah pada Allah Yg Maha Esa.Dia lebih tahu..

p/s aku mahu jadi pendidik...

Umur bukan penghalang??????????

     Ehh... btul ke umur bukan penghalang....betul ke???aku baru terfikir tadi pagi.Tu pun becoz my beloved lecturer (*_*) cakap pasal ni. Laki muda kawin perempuan tua n vice versa. Memang benda nie da terjadi pada zaman Rasullullah tapi personally la aku rasa mn bes kawin dengan orang muda dari kita..(hmm..tu pndapat jer..minta simpang malaikat 44 la..). Bukan sebab pe, bagi aku laki muda x matured enough. Aku nak yg blh jaga aku bkn aku yang jaga, tu pendapat jer. Tapi kalau perempuan muda kawin laki tua macam Siti Nurhaliza tu ok la juga...Kadang-kadang aku tengok sweet juga...hehe..

     Klu nak kawin tu biarlah bukan yang muda. Aku percaya yang lagi tua umur seseorang tu lagi matured sebab tu aku kurang percaya bila ada yang kawin lbih muda. Tapi apapun itu mungkin jodoh mereka. Mungkin da tertuliskan siapa jodoh mereka.

    Tapi pada aku, biarlah jodoh aku yang lebih tua. Memang aku sangat-sangat x minat yang muda-muda nie.At least beza umur macam parent aku pun dah ok. Aku tengok bahagia ja diorang even da 21 tahun. nak macam tu la.


Tapi siapalah aku untuk menentukan jodoh..aku hanya mampu berdoa. So thank juga to my lecturer yang brought out this issue. Ia buat aku berfikir seketika..

p/s Jodoh pertemuan ditangan Allah.

Aug 19, 2010

My Love Letter..

 I wrote this letter for the writing class purposes. It wasnt related to anybody in my life....It just for Miss Hameeda class but i really like my own love letter...(*-*)
Dear my love,

I hope you are in the pink of health. I miss you so much. For your information, I am very well. Besides, I am very glad to hear that you will be back to celebrate this Hari Raya with me. Furthermore, I have waited so long for this moment.

My Dear,

I know you are very busy this moment but I still want to give this last love letter before you come back to Malaysia. I want you know how much I miss you. By the way, your face always comes in my dream. So, I will never forget your charming face with your hazel eyes. I miss those things.

I love you so much and it is very important for me to express my feeling. I wish I could express this feelings in person while holding your hand and looking deep into your hazel eyes. Since we are physically separated by 10000 miles, I felt that by writing a love letter for you, it could be the best way to express my feeling towards you.

I know it is very difficult for us to undergo the long distance relationship but i always keep your words in my minds that ‘if I love you, trust you ’. That quote always makes me feel that we are emotionally connected. After all, it is said that "True Love" is boundless and immeasurable and overcomes all forms of adversity. In truth, if it is genuine, it will grow stronger with your tenderness towards me. And personally, i believe that our love will grow stronger as the time passes by.

My love, I miss you a lot. You are my prince charming and I miss your CK One smell. It is very tempting to me. My dear, every day when I wake up I will see your photo. It was giving inspiration to me. You are the only one in my life. Nobody will replace you. And I hope we will last forever. You mean a lot to me. By the way, now I am just counting the day to meet you at the airport.

Before I put down my pen, I want to let you know that the greatest love comes with the trust. So, trust me in whatever I am doing. You are the only one in my heart. Nobody will replace you as my lover. I am counting the days to meet you. Let it be the sweetest moment in our life because we hadn’t met for a year. So, meet you on this 2nd September. I love you so much.

Yours forever,


p/s doesnt related to anyone else in my life...