Mar 28, 2009


Today my mom and i went to the lim skin specialist....She took my skin medicine...Owh..the price so expensive.but thats not a topic as long as my skin look more radiant and i am look as young as madonna.hehe...My mom also went to gurney plaza for shop.she shop till drop.OPS...SWITCH OFF THE LIGHT..EARTH HOUR....

'He smile to me..I want him to sing Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade.His phone ringing.I am a bit jealous to him.It must be his girlfriend.I want to be his girlfriend but it is impossible.'

Mar 25, 2009

sambung cerita erk!!!

'I gave him my english book.We walk together to the cafe.He bought a croisant with mochacino.I bought a burger.We talk a lo about our camping on this saturday.I ask him to bring along his guitar.

Mar 24, 2009


Alamak my draft cerita dah hilang...huhu...isk..isk....Penting gila benda tu dah lost.Damn....Geram lar.I am not sure la sape punya keje....Rasa cam nak cry je...Tak pe la.i will try make another story.

'He walk toward me...i give him the sweetest smile.But i don't think he realised my sweetest smile.He told that he want to borrow my note because yesterday he didn't come to the class.'

Mar 23, 2009

Kalnival pengajian tinggi

Aku betul-betul BLUR sekarang nie..semua course boleh pilih except medic.Aku teringin la nak masuk UPNM tapi alahai stamina gaya cam nak semput ja..Mustahil terpilih.Isk...isk...tula saper yang suruh lembik sangat.Teacher bagi latihan netball aku bagi byk alasan.Ni lah jadinya...hehe...Nak sambung story semalam lar...

'I stared at his spiky hair and wish he was mine but he didn't think of me in that way and i knew it.I felt a huge dissapointed.

Mar 21, 2009

My bestfrenz buat kenduri...

Today mybestfrenz buat kenduri arwah.Aku juz g makan ja....Sedap juga.Maybe i am hungry like lion.Hehe......My handphone rosak lar.isk...isk...isk...Aku geram kat budak 2,aku rosakkan my handphone...Inilah ibarat marahkan nyamuk kelambu dibakar.....I got a story to share...

As i sat there in english class,i stared at the boy next to me.He was my friend or i can called him 'my best friend'......

Mar 20, 2009

Dragonball Evolution

My sis and bro went to cinema to watch Dragonball Evolution.It's quite interesting movie.The hero,Goku is damn cute......I also dream to have a power like Goku.He is so Powerful.He can defeat Oozaru and Picallo{i am not sure about the spelling of Picallo}.

It's Me...

I was born on 2 april 1991.I was born at 'Wisma Pakar Perbidanan Sungai Petani'.Dr.Zainal was the doctor who welcomed me to the real world.My parent was very happy..