Feb 2, 2017

Cinta Tak Selamanya Bersama

Dear Princess,

 Harini belajar yang cinta tak semestinya bersama. Tapi kadang kita tersalah langkah dan kita nak kembali ke tempat asal. Namun tempat asal tak kan sama lagi. Cinta memerlukan pengorbanan dan cinta juga perlukan kasih sayang.

Dec 14, 2015

Diver always a great Lover

Diving ,

     Ini adalah minat aku dari kecik. Tapi yela mak mana nak bagi anak perempuan dia dive merata-rata. My mom said it dangerous. Yup, it is dangerous. Salah satu you will die. Tapi dah kerana passion dan minat 'I DIVE'.

   Lesen aku amik di Pulau Perhentian. I am alone at that moment. Alhamdulillah Tuhan pertemukan aku dengan Insan yang sama minat dengan aku. Aku takkan lupa my best Buddy 'DM PAAN'. He taught me a lot. Punyalah aku takut dalam air. Takut-takut pun dapat lesen kan.

  Be a DIVER. Tambah-tambah diver yang beginning macam aku ni.Banyak yang nak belajar.Sebenarnya seronok tau jadi diver. Diving family ni ukhuwah dia sangat erat. We learn, we dive, we love each other.

  Diver ini actually is a great lover. Jangan tak tahu pulak. Kenapa aku kata begitu, sebabnya diver ni nature lover. They love nature. For them nature is where you get tranquility. They love nature hard and they love you harder. So, find your diver lover. Actually, I also finding my diver lover. Harap dapat la.Amiinn
Mabul Island 23 November 2015

May 20, 2014

5 things in LIFE

dEAR Princess,

      In life, there are many challenges. So, i my life I have target or goals.

1. Find lotsa money. Use it wise. Give as much as you can to your PARENTS.

2. Travel around the world. Make sure every year you travel at least one country. Once said, We dont have to be rich to travel anywhere. Word harder, Collect money, Travel, Word harder again.

3. Build a dream house after 'Pengesahan Jawatan'.

4. Set up a BRIDAL HOUSE when you reach 47 years old. Start to learn about basic skill now.

5. Marry to man that LOVE you so much instead of marry a man that LOVE so much.


Apr 16, 2014


Our Garden
Welcome to Our Garden! This blog is for us to share interesting topics related to our school garden.

17 April 2014

Today something interesting happened in our garden. We were running towards the garden when the bell rang. Two birds were chirping loudly while we were weeding under a tree. At first, we thought the birds were just happy to see us. We did not pay much attention to them. Kim Seng was walking when he saw the birds.

      Suddenly Nurul was screaming and running towards us, while pointing at a rose bush. Something was moving in there. We all thought it was a snake and stayed far away. Mr.Ramesh went closer to look.
       A few minutes later, he rose from the bush smiling. He was holding nestling in his handkerchief! It must have fallen from its nest. The nestling was not hurt, and was trying hard to free itself. It was also chirping. The adult birds began chirping even louder now. We realised that they were worried about their baby, so Mr. Ramesh climbed up a ladder and put the nestling back into its nest. Immediately, the two adults birds went back to their nest to comfort their nestling. Then, the gardener was sweeping and cleaning garden for the whole day.

      It was a very touching moment. Nurul almost cried. Kinah and Nurul were smiling at each other after the incident.