Oct 20, 2010

Mana Mr. Cinderella ku??

Where is my Mr Cinderella.....????
Dear Mr Cinderella,

                  x pasti pun bila kamu akan muncul tp saya yakin suatu hari nanti kamu akan muncul juga. Your shoes suit perfectly...lalala....Hope we will meet one fine day...

                          Saya x minta pape dari my Mr Cinderella tp sy just minta dia syg sy sebagaimana 'Man' syg sy. Itu bkn exaggeratekn. Just a normal wishlist. Anyone can fulfill that wish because it is too common and doesnt need anything to fulfill.

                         Kamu si Mr Cinderella, i believe that kita da tertukar kasut. So i needs to return back to you. I hope that we will meet one fine day. I dont even want to keep your shoes. Hmm..its stinks..Gosh.. i can stand wit that smell but i have tried it and was suited perfectly on my feet.

                         Mr Cinderella, saya tahu yang kamu takkan bertukar jadi Mr Darcy tp sy still nk meet kamu because sy nk meet kamu la. One thing i want you to know that i dreamt of you because i still have your shoes. Please take it back. It was nightmare when dreamt of you.

                       Mr Cinderella, could u please fufil my wish. Please be my Mr Darcy just for today. Please...Please.... Mr Darcy- he is the hero that every woman dreamt of. He is romantic, handsome, kind and etc... Please come here as Mr Darcy.

                  Last wish to my Mr Cinderella. Please take back your shoes. I dont owe your shoes, i just owe your heart..uhuk...uhuk..uhuk..

P/s: i am talking crap again.. i am bored + sleep..sorry but for real i still wish  my Mr Cinderella to propose me. I dont want Mr Darcy because there is no Mr Darcy in this world. It was just in Pride and Prejudice...