Dec 12, 2010

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

1. Kakak luv both of u. Syg sgt2.Thank 4 everything. Thanks for being the greatest mom n dad.

2.My dear great granpa.Thanks for the time that u had spend to fetch me during my primary school time.Luv u sgt2 lah.

3.Dear him-always been there.wherever am i,up and down,you are alway beside me. You are my best friend.Thanks for being my shoulder,my tissue,my music and hear all my rant.luv u 4eva*as a friend jela ye*..

4.Dear roomate-thanks 4 being my roomate..sorry cuz i am too'cerewet i think'.sorry byk2.neway thanks 4 being the coolest roomate.luv u so much ya..:)friendship 4 eva. neighbour..Thanks for being my neighbour aka my coursemate aka my besties.thanks for being there when i am in sorrow.Sorry if i am too 'cerewet'.syg kamu juga ye..
friendship 4 eva.
6.My bestfriend...igt x ms kita mula-mula knl.Beskan..mmg kbtulan smuanya..thnks for always being everything...syg kamu smpai bila-bila.friendship 4 eva.
7.aso my bestfriend..hehe..thanks 4 always been there bila aku gduh ngn man smpai la aku break ngn mamat tu..thanks sesangat...luv u..friend 4 eva ya..

8.all my Tesl family..LUV u all for always being the best companion in wutever activity..

9.Org yg telah tag sy..terima kerana igt sy.Thank you so much dear..syg kamu juga ya...moga dpt jodoh yg terbaik..hik..hik...hik..(jgn mrh)

10.Mira nabilla-u are my bestfriends forever....syg kamu sgt2

p/s saya syg kamu semua ya..