May 23, 2010

Bennet's Fracture

It’s been so long that i havent wrote here.It is because a few reason:

1. I got bennet’s fracture on 1st May

2. Admitted at hospital

3. Preparation for surgery

Life is quite hard this time because i've got trial from Allah for this small fracture. I accept that as a part of life. My part of body never been fracture and the most important thing is i never admitted at hospital. Bloody hell it is so terrible. I'm not so sick just fracture but not pain as i stay at hospital. I can’t describe the pain of staying at hospital. It's so terrible. It just a small fracture but the impact is so terrible. Now i have good for nothing.

I am so sad because after the semester break, my martial arts (silat gayung fatani) will be having a test. I cannot take the test. It is because there is an aspect that called “tempur”, so it involved other people. So, for my own good, i will not take this test.

Actually i need to do an operation on 14 of May. But at eleventh hour,i refused to do. I think operation is not the best thing. Everything has medicine except death. So,i will try to find the medicine to cure my fracture bone. So, after this i have a lot of appointment with orthopaedic doctor. I wore cast and travelled by ambulance twice. Its out of my thought because i never dreamed to be like this..


Bennett Fracture: Diagnosis and Treatment

Bennett fracture involves the base of the thumb, where it articulates with the bones of the wrist.

Before reading further please see the Hand Anatomy to get a better understanding (skip if you have already done so).

The bone that is fractured is called 1st Metacarpal. The fracture involves the lower part (proximal) of this bone and extends into the joint. The smaller fracture fragment stays attached to the wrist bones and the larger fragment is displaced along with the whole thumb (red arrow in graphic).

Symptoms include



•loss of function (inability to grip any object forcefully with the thumb)

•tenderness over the base of the thumb

Diagnosis is confirmed by x rays of the hand.

As this fracture involves the joint surfaces therefore the bony fragments have to be aligned as perfectly as possible. Failure to do so may result in subsequent arthritis of the joint. This perfect alignment of the fracture fragments can only be achieved surgically.

Treatment is by

•plaster cast if the fracture is hairline (fracture fragments have not separated from each other)

•surgery if the fracture fragments are separated (displaced fracture)

During surgery traction (pulling force) is applied to the thumb and simultaneously the surgeon applies pressure to the base of the thumb to approximate the fracture fragments. Then a K wire (stainless steel 1.5 or 2mm wire) is drilled across to hold the fragments in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I suspect that I have this injury?

If after injuring your hand you have the following symptoms then you may have this fracture
•severe pain in the base of the thumb

•swelling over base of the thumb

•inability to touch the base of the little finger with the tip of your thumb

•your thumb appears shorter than its counterpart

You can not do this movement if you have Bennett Fracture
What can I expect when I reach the hospital

After reaching the hospital

•your hand will be examined gently

•x ray of your hand will be taken

•splint will be applied to your hand

•doctor may recommend surgery

How long will I need to stay in the hospital after surgery?If all goes well you may be discharged the same day or the next day.

After how long will I regain full use of my hand?
It usually takes 2 to 3 months to regain full function of the hand.